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Broadwand - Mobimax

Broadwand’s Mobimax is an Android app with state of the art technology that will change the lives of the next five billion people. It offers a safe way to browse the web without any fear of spending more on data fees than they ever should.


“Mobimax app is a better and more robust app thanks not only to ImaginaryCloud’s user research, but also to their top notch problem solving technical expertise”

Oscar Rojas

Oscar Rojas, Broadwand CEO

The Project

Access to the Internet for the vast majority of the worldwide population can be expensive and limited. Broadwand wanted to provide a solution that helped smartphone users everywhere optimise their prepaid data plans so that mobile internet could become affordable.

When someone uses Mobimax to access, for example, Youtube (or Twitter, or an email, or a website), the app analyses the amount of data required to show the content and presents users with the actual cost of loading it in the user’s local currency, giving them total control on how exactly they spend their prepaid data allowance and, hence, their money.

An Unusual roadmap

Most product roadmaps start by finding the product/market-fit. The objective is to find out as much as possible about the potential users to make sure that the product that will be built solves a real problem or a need for them. Once enough information is gathered, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is built to test the product in a real life situation.

Broadwand’s complex technology and scale required the roadmap to start at a different – and interesting – point: the technology.

Technology First

At the core of the Mobimax app is the patent-pending technology called “Intelligent Indexing & Tagging” imagined and created by Broadband’s Chairman and CTO William Nazaret. Up until ImaginaryCloud’s involvement, ITT complex technology hadn’t been implemented into any product. Seamlessly connecting network operators, users and online content in one app to provide a simple and worry-free experience for the user was not an easy task. The first step was to ensure the technology was feasible.

From the technical perspective, Mobimax brought together a lot of challenges under one roof: complex algorithms, regulations, distributed systems, network operators and scale. ImaginaryCloud’s expertise in building, integrating and simplifying complex back-end and front-end solutions using the most effective technologies and methodologies (like Node.js, Android development, Agile and kanban methodologies) alongside a world class user-centric research and design, were instrumental in turning a hard problem into a clever solution. Oscar Rojas, Broadwand’s CEO, said “the product we have now is way more robust that the one we had had envisioned thanks to ImaginaryCloud’s technical expertise”.

Get to know your users

Once the technology was delivered and tested, the next big challenge was designing a great user experience for five billion people(!) with a diverse range of cultures, requirements, languages, and needs. This is where ImaginaryCloud’s Product Design Processes really shone: getting to the bottom of the “why” and its relationship with delivering an incredible user experience, while meeting the client’s vision.

To solve the challenge, the first step was to create, after intensive research, a set of Personas. They represent groups of users with similar behavioural patterns in their purchasing decisions, use of technology, customer service preferences and lifestyle choices.

Getting to know your product Personas is like knowing your users by name. In Broadwand’s case, one of the Personas was a student. For her, how much money she spends is not as important as the number of Snaps or Youtube videos she can see. This result immediately changed the scope and focus of the project and gave Broadwand a clear vision of the language, functionality and experience required to succeed.

Being flexible and able to adapt when creating products is key for ImaginaryCloud, it is the only way to create meaningful and disruptive products that can change the life of many. The technology first, user research second is a unique roadmap that proved to be the right one in this case.

Multicultural environment

On any given day during the Mobimax product development phase, the Broadwand and ImaginaryCloud teams worked cohesively together, despite having people distributed all over the world. Meetings with participants from Paris, New York City, Montevideo, Miami, Mexico and Colombia were common-place, as well as communications in several different languages (English, Spanish, French). Project management and communications skills were essential to keep a steady progress and everybody informed on the latest progress.

At ImaginaryCloud we see diversity as one of our greatest strengths. It helps that we combine our personal backgrounds to create unique products. In Broadwand’s vision for helping the next 5 billion people access the Internet in particular, it is easy to see why diversity was essential to set the right environment for developing the product.

The Takeaways

Working on bringing the Mobimax app to life gave the team an incredible opportunity to work on a meaningful cutting-edge project. Skills like communication, innovation, creativity and design were pushed to the limit and greatly improved to deliver a better product to market, not just for Broadwand but, most importantly, for their users.

World-changing and challenging projects begin with a revolutionary vision. For Broadwand that vision is now more real than ever.

“Delivering a product that has never been done before –and at this scale– was the most exciting part of the project. This was only topped by the fact that it could impact the lives of so many people”

Ricardo Torrão

Ricardo Torrão, Developer

Our involvement in the project