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LENSHARE is a next generation sociomobile photo App and Platform built on a new technology concept called Phideo™ which enables people to create and share moments with others they care about.

A “moment” in LENSHARE is implemented as a Phideo™ which integrates photos with sounds, voice and narrative (text). Moments deliver a much greater emotional and imaginative experience than simple images or text do.
To ensure that moments themselves are the principal focus of attention, the interface of the app is designed to be lean and minimal as to foster an immersive experience.


“Imaginary Cloud has become a long-term technology partner to us. The way they relate to us as a customer and what they deliver in terms of quality and commitment goes way beyond what you expect from a software development house.”

Tom Mendoza and William Nazaret

Tom Mendoza and William Nazaret, Creators and Founders of LENSHARE

The App

LENSHARE is a native iOS application, built from scratch in Objective-C. Our aim was always to deliver an intuitive, lean interface where features are minimal but powerful.

The app includes a full caching system that enables a smooth user experience with reduced bandwidth and server interaction. We also ensured the app would allow for continuous synchronization of data updates with the server.

The Cloud Platform

We all know mobile Apps reach their maximum potential when the technology used to implement them becomes invisible to the user. To achieve this, the cloud platform paired with LENSHARE was designed and built in a way that the complexity required to support tagging, organizing, storing and retrieving moments created by the App, is never exposed to the user. Our approach was to deliver a Ruby on Rails platform built on a scalable and distributed architecture. This platform is in charge of the publish/subscribe notification system, a short message system for invites and two-step verification. It also includes cloud storage of media files with Amazon S3.

Central to the creators of LENSHARE is the idea that moments are created by humans, for humans and those moments they cherish so much, belong to their creators and nobody else. Therefore, LENSHARE’s Cloud Platform is built so that their moments are always up there, in full original resolution, secured for privacy and easy to search and retrieve at any point in the future.

Our involvement in the project

Technologies used

  • Ruby on Rails
  • iOS
  • Design
  • Objective-C