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Versatile and data-driven Growth Marketer with in-depth business knowledge, updated with latest developments in the Digital Marketing landscape.

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Using Next.js with TypeScript

Next js Typescriptt are primarily classified as full-stack frameworks and templating languages and extensions tools, respectively, but let’s take a look at what and how both are applied and how they can work together, including examples of its application.... Read more

How to hire a Node.js Developer

A growing number of companies, including tech giants like Netflix, Paypal, and LinkedIn, are hiring Node.js developer teams for Node.js' high performance. Evaluate the pros and cons of each Node.js employment type, and choose the best solution for your project!... Read more

What is Node.js used for?

Node.js is an open-source Javascript runtime environment for executing and running web applications outside a browser. Learn about its uses and features here.... Read more