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Backend developer: the one 'behind the scenes'

Backend developers play a crucial role when it comes to a website's success. By handling databases, servers, and applications, they ensure a web application is functional and logical. Find out more!... Read more

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Why use Python for Web Development?

Python is an adaptable, versatile, and highly efficient programming language that offers dynamic typing capabilities. Know the benefits in our blog post.... Read more

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How to make CSS Animations

CSS Animations is an amazing and powerful tool. It can add interest, attractiveness, and creative excitement to your website, making it stand out among the competition. Learn how to do it and improve your user experience.... Read more

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Deno vs Node - comparison

Is Deno the new Node? In this article, we will take a look at Deno and how it compares to Node to help understand what they have in common, and what sets them apart.... Read more

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UI Developer: a mix of Design and Front-end

Learn the main responsibilities of a UI developer and how to become one. Further, find out the technologies they use and take an in-depth look at how UI principles contribute to frontend development.... Read more

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