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We came up with a design process for your product


Collecting information from you, from the market and from your potential users. What is your dream? Who are your competitors? Who will your followers be?


1. Briefing

2. Benchmark

3. Personas


We’ll architect your app based on the needs of your users. Our designers and developers will help you decide which features are truly essential for your go to market strategy and consequent success.


4. User Journey

5. Decision matrix

6. Wireframes

7. Mood board


Your app will have a great visual identity that will please your users by providing a clear, easy and appealing experience. This will be supported by a click-through prototype to test and easily iterate on.


8. Style Guide

9. GUI Design

10. Prototype

Technical Assessment

Our developers will come up with solutions that will balance complexity, reach and scalability. The project will then be planned accordingly and there’ll be a rough understanding for the estimated delivery time and cost.


11. High-level architecture

12. Project Plan


Typical Project Layouts

  • Product design process

    Research, ideation, execution and technical assessment of your product.

    2 Designer
    1 Developer

    2 Weeks

  • Zero to
    version one

    Product Design, Technical Assessment and implementation.

    1 Designer
    2 Developers

    12 Weeks

  • Rescue

    When everything is going down but you haven’t given up, we won’t either. We’ll kick in, full blast.

    1 Designer
    2 Developers

    24 Weeks

  • Maintenance
    & Support

    We keep your product running smoothly when you need a technical hand with reasonable SLAs.

    Maintenance &
    Support Team

    Retainer per month