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Digital Marketeer


You’ll need to be tech-savvy and love to spread the word around, both inside the team and out in the world. We need someone who really cares about technology, and aims to build a career in marketing and brand awareness in the digital product development market. You will have to be a good communicator, knowledgeable of digital platforms, and able to advocate for technology’s positive impact on human life.


  • Content marketing and creation of content (case studies, blog posts, guest posts, additional subpages, lead magnets, presentations)
  • Content (in social media, campaigns, newsletters)
  • Conversion increasing through pop-ups on website, content improvement on key subpages
  • Co-creation of tactics/experiments for online channels, testing and measurement of their efficiency
  • Searching for new ways to increase sales through marketing
  • Hands-on helping sales team sourcing and identifying leads


  • 2+ years of experience in the field of digital marketing/sales
  • Understanding of SEO/SEM
  • Ability to create content that converts
  • Understanding of digital marketing, (content marketing, social media, tools for the increase of website conversion)

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If you represent a recruitment agency, please do not contact us about this position, as this will simply result in a waste of time.