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Miami Duck Shooter

Miami Duck Shooter

Picture this: ducks, Miami, and a powerful duck-shooting Apple TV remote. Welcome to Miami Duck Shooter, a beautiful and fun duck shooting game that gets people playing for hours.

The idea is simple yet potentially addictive: the player gets unlimited ammo to shoot ducks flying over Miami. All that remains is to try and break the previous high-score.

As Imaginary Cloud received an Apple TV developer kit, we started thinking how we could jump on the bandwagon and actually do something both educational (for us) and cool with it. We knew right away that we wanted to make a game, which would be the first on for anyone on the team.

The concept was developed in a day, uniting bits and pieces of different ideas, with a sense of humor to glue it all together. In a month’s time, we were almost ready to release, with most of the game mechanics and designs finished. A couple of weeks later, we managed to launch our first Apple TV game, alongside an original soundtrack.


Our involvement in the project