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Web & Mobile App Development

What we do

Need help getting your web or mobile application quickly out there? Our experienced UI/UX designers and software developers are ready to build your digital product. Whether you're looking for an MVP,a cross-platform mobile app or a tailor made progressive web application, we're able to provide valuable insights on which technologies suit your project better and accelerate your time-to-market.

Let's bring your idea to life?

How we do it

product design process

To ensure the best user experience possible, we follow a user-centric approach - our Product Design Process. With this proven methodology, we help you identify what your users really want on a very first stage and how your web or mobile app is going to address that. This way we can ensure that your project’s features and goals are met, contributing for an easier user adoption.

pdp squad

Our software development and design teams are organized by squads. We follow an Agile development process with frequent follow-up meetings, to make sure deadlines and expectations are aligned from both sides. This allows us to deliver new features in shorter time frames, which speeds up the development process.


Your contact point is usually with one of our team leaders. They havea strong technical background combined with several years of experience in project management. Our team leads may also assume the role of a CTO or a VP of Engineering, in case you're looking for someone to provide accurate insights and help you manage the technical work involved.

They help you identify core features, set priorities according to your business goals, define a roadmap, coordinate tasks with the web or mobile development team and set launch dates or other deadlines.


While our software developers are also experts in Front-end development, our design team is highly skilled in UI/UX. By working together, we are able to create outstanding user interfaces that your users will love.

Our software development and UI/UX design teams have collaborated in challenging projects for top clients worldwide. From Healthcare to Education, E-commerce, Fintech, Fitness or even Food Tech, we’ve got you covered.


Our varied tech stack, which includes React, React Native, Angular, Vue, Node/Express, Ruby on Rails and Python/Django/Flask, allows our web and mobile app developers to build the best scalable architecture for your product.

The ownership of the source code as well as the copyrights of all the work developed are yours. We also ensure that your data is managed safely through IP protection. Since our squads work independently, there are no confidentiality issues, due to our policy of non-competing projects.


We’re ready to build your scalable web or mobile app and help your business grow by offering a full product lifecycle. Besides the web or mobile app wireframing and prototyping, QA testing and support, we are able to ensure your project’s maintenance.

Why outsourcing your web or mobile product development?

If you have mixed feelings about outsourcing your product development to an external team, think of this:


Get valuable insights

If you have a technical background but you’re not sure which framework better suits your project, our team leaders are able to advise you accordingly. They will help you prioritize your product features by building a roadmap and setting deadlines.


Follow a Product Design Process

Take advantage of structured & reliable processes. Following the PDP can reduce the time and cost spent on product design and development. It enables the planning of realistic schedules and will also lead to a higher quality product.


Optimize your resources

Hiring an expert team of web or mobile developers will complement your internal resources without the hassle of long recruitment processes and ramp-up times.


Focus on your business goals

By having an experienced front-end development team, to guide you on each phase of your Product Design Process, you have more time to focus on the accomplishment of your business goals.

Still unsure?
Check what our clients say about us.


Imaginary Cloud developed our app. Their team worked on the front-end and backend, including building the dashboard and providing technical support. We’ve gained potential clients worldwide and without their team, we couldn’t have made any of this progress. The team, deliverables, and overall experience have all been fantastic.

Rui Costa Santos, CEO of Globsurveys


Imaginary Cloud created the entire architecture for our app and designed it for large user populations. The platform helped us grow significantly, which led us to win millions of pounds worth of contracts. Their team is intrinsic to our success. We find them equally as capable as some of the biggest development names out there.

Chris Lamberton , Strategy Director of TrustPortal Solutions

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