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Invisible Homes

Invisible Homes

Invisible Homes lets users sell and buy properties off-market, allowing sellers to keep their property value high and have their privacy kept while providing buyers the access to exclusive offers that match their needs.

Imaginary Cloud was called to redesign the user onboarding area and user interfaces in order to increase engagement and accommodate new features.

One of the main challenges that we had was to create a simple and easy way to understand information architecture/navigation that accommodates the possibility of the user being both a buyer and a seller. The information hierarchy should be intuitive, in order to allow users to quickly scrutiny the most relevant information from long lists of potential buyers and offers, keeping it easy to track the communication and status of each process.

Additionally, we had to find a way to communicate the platform dynamism and value to buyers, while keeping private the information about the properties.


Our involvement in the project

Technologies used

  • Objective-C