André Santos

Your everyday web developer who likes to hide in the backend. Javascript and Ruby are my jam. I still fumble with Docker and my builds break quite often.

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Yarn vs NPM: Which package manager should I use?

Yarn vs NPM are popular package managers among JavaScript and Node.js developers. They make it easier to handle a project's dependencies. Learn how NPM and Yarn compare to each other and which features make working with one better over the other.... Read more

Recoil vs Redux

While Redux is considered the most popular state management library, Recoil is Facebook's experimental React state management framework. Take a look at what Recoil vs Redux are, their performance, and whether it’s a good idea to use one over the other.... Read more

What is MERN stack and how does it work?

MERN is an easy-to-understand full-stack JavaScript environment that enables the building of dynamic sites and applications. Let’s depict the MERN stack architecture, the four technologies that make it, and how they all work together for a seamless start to finish product.... Read more