We have already introduced our recruitment process, explained the phases and what candidates can expect. However, this blog post aims to present the first impressions of how the process truly felt like from the first contact to the final offer.

In that sense, we asked four of our Imaginarees - Nathan, Alicja, Mariana, and Tiago - to share their experience and tell us more about their thoughts during the recruitment. More precisely, we asked them the three following questions:

1. How was the recruitment process for you?
2. What made you say Yes to Imaginary Cloud?
3. What advice would you give to a future candidate?

Curious to find out their answers?

Table of Contents

    ➤  Nathan, Project Manager
    ➤  Alicja, Data Scientist
    ➤  Mariana, Associate Software Developer
    ➤  Tiago, Associate Software Developer
    ➤  Conclusion

Nathan, Project Manager

Interview 1 - Nathan

How was the recruitment process for you?

Overall the process was very good. It happened very fast. I applied in one day, on the next I got an email and on the following day I was invited to my first interview. I felt like the interview questions were very accurate, meaning that they were well-thought and appropriate questions to assess my competencies regarding the job and also to get to know me as an individual.

The second phase was with someone from the People department. It was a more personal interview, which I enjoyed because it felt like the company was trying to know me as I truly am. The third phase was with the Head of Delivery. It was very interesting. I’m aware he was trying to understand how well I fit the job, but he did it in an informal way, which made me feel very comfortable.

What made you say Yes to Imaginary Cloud?

The job offer was really good for me. I knew Imaginary Cloud was a solid company and I felt a lot of honesty throughout the entire process. There were no fake promises, nothing hidden, and everything explained in detail. They got to know me as I am and vice-versa. Thus, it was a fair process for both parts and I believe it was a perfect match. The transparency and honesty that I felt were crucial for me to accept a next challenge in my career.

What advice would you give to a future candidate?

I would advise future candidates not to worry too much. What I mean by that is that the recruitment process is very personal and truly cares about who you are, so there is no need to prepare a different version of yourself. Plus, in terms of the more technical questions, I would say they make a lot of sense and are accurate for the job position in question.

Alicja, Data Scientist

Interview 2 - Alicja

How was the recruitment process for you?

The process was straightforward and quite fast. To be honest, my favorite phase was the second one, with the People department, and we talked for about an hour. I felt that it went very well and that I had the opportunity to share a bit more about myself. On the other hand, the first and third phases were more technical. After the first and second phase I felt really confident, but the third phase was a bit more confusing for me, so I wasn’t that sure about the final result, but I’m glad it turned out good!

Overall, I liked the fact that the process was fast. I didn't have to sit and wait for long without having a clue how everything was going. Plus, I also liked that it was very open communication. The People team always told me how long each phase was going to take, what to expect, and how long they would take to get back to me.

What made you say Yes to Imaginary Cloud?

I said yes because it was the right company for me at the time, and it still feels right. So far, it has met all my expectations and it has been a great experience. Before making the final decision I additionally read reviews online about the company and they were really good, which made me even more excited and confident about accepting the job offer. Another plus for me is that I get to work from Portugal, which in my opinion is a very nice country.

What advice would you give to a future candidate?

I would say don't stress out much. It will turn out good anyway, and even if it doesn’t, there's always the right place (and the right time) for everyone.

Mariana, Associate Software Developer

Interview 3 - Mariana

How was the recruitment process for you?

The process was surprisingly quick and efficient, which for me was very important and considered an advantage. I like to highlight this aspect because this was not my experience when I was in the recruitment process for other companies. From the time that I applied until the first answer back was just a few hours. After that, the three phases also went very quickly, and I always got feedback from everything.

Regarding how I felt throughout the phases itself, well... I was very nervous, but also excited! I was fresh out of college and from the several CVs I had sent, Imaginary Cloud was the one I didn't expect an answer from. I remember the position that I applied for required 1 year experience and I did not have that. Nonetheless, I got an invite to the first interview and all the phases were super nice. Everyone I met during the process was friendly. Even when I was more insecure about my answers, I felt that no one was judging me, and instead they made me feel good and wanted to understand how I think and search for solutions.

What made you say Yes to Imaginary Cloud?

Imaginary Cloud has a close environment, and I felt that from the very beginning. Everyone is committed to the team and I could perceive that from the people I have met during my recruitment process. Besides being friendly, everyone respected each other and had a good connection. Personally, that’s the type of environment I want to grow with as a professional.

Once I said yes, I was very excited to become an Imaginaree. It has been everything I expected it to be and more! Everyone is fair, friendly and encourages us to do our best. The training was also really nice and I feel that I have a lot of opportunities to participate.

What advice would you give to a future candidate?

Don't stress yourself out. I was very stressed because I never did it before, I didn't know what would happen. Be yourself and do the best you can. The interviews just ask for the best you can give.

Tiago, Associate Software Developer

Interview 4 - Tiago

How was the recruitment process for you?

From the first interview to the final offer everything was very fast and smooth. Also, one of the things that surprised me the most was how transparent everything was. I knew exactly what to expect from each interview, how long it would take, and when I should get feedback.
The first stage was really quick and I didn't feel much pressure, even though the interview covers a lot of ground in terms of knowledge. After the first stage I believe Imaginary Cloud already has a good picture of what the candidate knows or not.

The second phase was with the People team and it was very cool. Usually when you speak with the People Department, they often don't know much about what you do and they don't seem to be very interested either. However, at Imaginary Cloud I loved how everyone was very upfront and how they wanted to truly know how I am. Overall, the approach is very thoughtful and relaxing. Plus, it is an efficient way to consider both parties. It is not about what you can fake to do, but it is about who you are. It is more of an informal conversation than just an interview.

Regarding phase 3, the thing that I liked the most is that the developers who you have an interview with want to see how you handle a certain situation and how you would do things. It is also a discussion about which is the best solution, which we have to do a lot in our job. Therefore, the third stage is a good test to see how you present your questions, how you explain a process, and how you approach a problem. It is not just about the technical skills you have but it is also about how you think and how you explain why you did something a certain way.

What made you say Yes to Imaginary Cloud?

Before joining Imaginary Cloud, I was working as a DevOps, but I wanted to change areas. So, I applied for a software development position, despite my background as a DevOps. One or two days later I was invited to my first phase. I felt that Imaginary Cloud gave me that benefit of the doubt and believed I could excel and change from DevOps to software development, which personally gave me a huge boost of confidence.

Another important factor for me, which I already mentioned, was the transparency that I felt. After the third phase I got a job offer and talked with the People team about the details regarding salaries and they made everything very easy to understand. I felt that the People department also cared about my interests.

After saying yes, the onboarding was good. I believe it is a good indicator of how good a company is since it shows how much the company wants to integrate the candidate and values them. In my case, I got to meet everyone and was quickly introduced into the global culture. Now that few months have passed, I can surely say it is a great place to work. I have already recommended Imaginary Cloud to other people, and my experience has been amazing! No complaints, truly. Working in a good environment is key!

What advice would you give to a future candidate?

First of all, don’t lie in interviews. Be true to yourself. If you don't want the job, don’t apply for it. Keep in mind that it is important to have knowledge foundations even if you don't have the tech stack skills. Plus, this one is more practical advice but, when reading an offer from any company, pay attention to the different parcels of the offer. Last but not least, don’t forget, a good working environment is vital.


Despite the applications for different job positions, our recruitment is transversal, meaning that everyone goes through the same process. As the interviewees have mentioned, the first phase consists of a short technical assessment; the second is with the People team and is about who the candidates are (not about what they can do); the third and last is the technical proficiency phase. This process allows us to get to know the candidate and understand their motivations and goals.

As suggested several times throughout these interviews, the recruitment is quite fast, and in 90% of the cases, it is completed within two weeks. This time frame allows us to cautiously tackle each phase without missing out on important information. Moreover, we believe that it also provides a better experience to the candidates since they do not have to wait long for feedback. We are aware of how frustrating that can be, so we always get back to each candidate!

Another important aspect to highlight is that the recruitment process is not just about us getting to know the candidate, but also the other way around. We believe in a human-centric approach that truly aims to do and understand what is best for everyone. Therefore, and also based on the main advice our Imaginarees can give to future candidates, our top recommendation is: do not think of the recruitment as something stressful and just come as you are each phase, because we will do the same.

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