Oops, we did it again.

Earlier this year, Imaginary Cloud was considered the Best Quality of Life Company® and the 2nd Best Great Place to Work® in 2022 in companies with 50 to 100 employees in Portugal.

But now... Oh boy! Now we've come out on top as one of the Best Workplace in Europe®! And we were distinguished from 3000 companies from 37 countries—all of which were certified as Great Place to Work® in their country. It feels so good, like winning a medal at the Olympics or climbing Kilimanjaro.

Picture of our CEO Tiago Franco receiving the award of Best Workplace in Europe
Our CEO Tiago Franco receiving the award of Best Workplace in Europe

How did we do this? We believe our magic lies in our Imaginarees. That’s why we offer options that allow everyone to know what they can count on and do to progress. By giving all the information needed to grow professionally, we create a positive working environment where everyone can grow and evolve.

This is how we do it:

Being human-centric is key to us

The success and satisfaction of our Imaginarees are the keys to all of our decision-making processes. Human-centric decisions are about honesty, predictability, security, connection, and upholding shared values. This results in motivation, loyalty, and happiness, and the more we are towards our mission of creating seamless technology.

So let’s break down what being a human-centric company mean to us:

Transparency is a must

We have a career system where we know the career path available, so each Imaginaree knows where they stand and what they can accomplish. We can speak freely to our managers and have monthly meetings with People Experience Partners to discuss what is going on with our performance, our goals and challenges, and suggestions. Our management team is always reachable to everyone on the team. We offer internal and external salary transparency to ensure we are all on the same page about compensation. It also allows those seeking an Imaginaree position to make fully informed career choices.


The pandemic made more workers evaluate how they spend their time and think about work-life balance. And some found they were wasting time commuting or sitting in cubicles. What's the best solution for it, and what do we offer? Remote-first, where you can choose where to work from. You can work from home as long as you like, but the office doors are always open whenever you feel like stopping by. We also offer the freedom of schedules and the compatibility between personal life and a demanding professional occupation - meaning we avoid extra hours. Here, we can grow and develop our skills in a caring and respectful environment.

"You've got a friend in me"

Helping each other is key to us. We believe that a great professional must assist and inspire others as well. So it's not just about doing one task well, but about the final objective of every job and how proud we are as a team of what we have accomplished.

We are always in touch through an online chat platform—Slack, and we speak with anyone in the company while bonding and working together. Besides, we have our internal events, such as Inquiring Minds and Friday Tells. These are relaxed team gatherings where we kick off with an internal presentation that covers topics to share knowledge, and they can be online or in person. We then exchange ideas over lunch (for Friday Tells-Pizza Edition) or dinner (for Inquiring Minds) sponsored by our company. Everything at these internal events is about sharing: knowledge and experiences.


When building our career at Imaginary Cloud, we know we will work on a wide range of cutting-edge projects. Every day, we have new challenges requiring us to think creatively about how to achieve our objectives and overcome problems. Experimenting, gaining knowledge, and developing our skills are natural for us. But we also know that our work has an impact since we have helped develop and launch more than 300 projects. We have experience collaborating with world-famous industry leaders at all stages of business development, including start-ups, scale-ups, and enterprises.


We dedicate to making new digital products from scratch or helping your team from a distance. But we do that by always putting our people first. You can expect a respectful and caring culture where you can grow and learn in a flexible environment. So our goal is to be the best company and employer, making life easier for people so they can focus on what's most important. And how do we do it? We live by our values. They guide our efforts and define our culture:

  • Respect and Care
  • Excellence through collaboration and empowerment
  • Learning is never over
  • Mindful creativity

"With great power comes great responsibility"

It is with overwhelming pride that Imaginary Cloud gets this certification, especially knowing we are one of the few Portuguese companies to receive this distinction.

But to keep this culture, we require a workplace that provides all the tools and guidance needed for success and knowing what to expect. Every Imaginaree must feel they can express themselves and who they are in a positive environment. Thus, we will keep a human-centric mindset and provide Imaginarees with the best possible working conditions.

If you are interested in joining us, please check our website for open positions. We would love to have you on our team!