At Imaginary Cloud, we believe software should improve people's lives. With that vision in mind, our fantastic team of skilled experts always aims to deliver excellent world-class products, and nothing motivates us more than seeing our customers happy and satisfied with the results.

As time passes, we keep seeking ways to grow and innovate, and the ability to do so come from our core values. At Imaginary Cloud, learning is never over. We believe each person, each project, each client, and each moment pushes us to acquire new skills and endeavour continuous improvement. With mindful creativity, collaboration and empowerment, as well as respect and care, Imaginary Cloud is proud of its steps and happy to be recognized by its growth.

How our path has been recognized

With more than ten years of experience, our path has been characterized by excellence and sustained growth. In 2014, we conquered the UKTI Internationalization Award. Afterwards, in 2016, we were awarded the Gazela EU Prize for Top Industry Performer, which we continued to win for three consecutive years.

As Imaginary Cloud kept expanding, the awards also kept coming. In 2019, we were distinguished as one of the "Top 50 Developers in the UK" by The Manifest. Plus, we also received our first Clutch award in the same year: #1 B2B Company in Portugal.

Despite the obstacles 2020 presented the entire world with, our mission kept us focused and motivated to move forward and, in a single year, we managed to conquer three awards by Clutch:

  • Top 100 Sustained Growth Company
  • Top 100 Fastest Growth Company
  • Top 1000 Clutch Global Companies

Clutch is a B2B platform based on ratings and reviews to compare businesses within various industries. Therefore, each of these awards could not have been possible without our customers' trust and 5-star reviews. Hence, a huge thanks to every client that has been part of our journey. Moreover, we also take this opportunity to thank our skilled members, for the marvellous work they keep delivering to make our customers' businesses succeed.

Last but not least, we are happy to announce that 2021 is also starting with a new award achievment. This time we managed to be in the "Top B2B Companies in the UK" in the Development & IT Services segment, which again enlightened how Imaginary Cloud's goals are meeting our customers' needs and interests.

TOP B2B Companies in UK - Development & IT Services

This award is the result of an analysis developed throughout 2020. The report considers B2B companies' past work, brand reputation, online presence, and Clutch reviews. According to these criteria, Imaginary Cloud is ranked amongst the best in the United Kingdom's software development field.

Imaginary Cloud: a software development leader

The technological advancements have contributed to the continuous growth of the software development industry over the years. In order to satisfy the market's demand, software development companies need to seek constant ways and tools to innovate and take businesses one step further. That's precisely what we aim for every day!

We are very proud and honoured to be recognized by Clutch as a Top B2B UK Company in the software development industry once it confirms how our top-quality work addresses the customers' objectives. If the segment in which we operate is growing, then we want to boost it even further since it is with continuous improvement that we achieve our goals. Thus, this year, to extend the existing fantastic accomplishments, Imaginary Cloud will introduce two more services: Data Science/Artificial Intelligence and UX Audit. These will be added to the current offers of Staff Augmentation, Web & Mobile App Development, and UI/UX Design.

Moreover, even though we are proud of our past, our focus is in the future. None of our achievements would have been possible without each member's commitment and dedication, which is why we are strongly betting on hiring the best professionals to join our teams. If you are looking for a new opportunity, we challenge you to check our open positions and see what our employees say about us on Glassdoor.

Further, we want to expand as a community in the industry, and cultivate talks and debates over topics in the software development world. In that sense, Imaginary Cloud will also integrate online masterclasses for everyone interested in expanding their knowledge or acquiring different technical skills.

The atypical year the world has been witnessing has accelerated technology's importance in our daily lives and, consequently, the need to deliver excellent software development. Despite the speed in which the industry changes, we are confident of our products and services to keep growing and adapting to tomorrow's market's fast-paced demands. We believe we have the right core values to continue excelling at our journey.

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