Web app development has evolved from simple text-based web pages to include a variety of attractive audio and visual elements. From animations and typography to eye-catching designs, websites are now more than just a medium of information, they are a reflection of a company’s personality. As the internet gets more accessible and users spend time on the web for virtually everything, website development is making a pronounced shift towards improving the user interface. It needs to be more engaging, responsive, and ultimately more human. This shift is becoming more prominent as big and small organisations alike restructure their sites to become more user-friendly. For instance, LinkedIn, the world’s most extensive professional networking website, revamped its site in order to provide its users with a better browsing experience.

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), it is no longer limited to sci-fi but is expected to grow into a market of $153 billion in the years to come. This has spurred the need for artificial intelligence courses, thus readying students and professionals to take part in the next wave of change for web development. In website development, an efficient user interface is at the forefront of the service. Artificial intelligence provides a sophisticated customer experience through reply predictions, voice optimisation, and some unique value-adds:

Optimised voice search

As internet browsing becomes more user-efficient, people are eager to glean information faster and most efficiently. Already popular among the youth, voice search is bound to evolve even more in the coming future. The e-commerce industry is a prominent example of the voice-activated search. Virtual shopping assistants now filter search results according to the user query, thus making the online shopping experience more effortless. Since it aids consumers at a personal level, optimised voice search will soon be a necessity in virtual shopping setups.

By providing continuous voice conversation between the websites and their customers, AI is turning into a critical component of web app development techniques. Be it Cortana, Siri, Alexa, or the Deep Learning-based voice search solutions; AI is aiding web development by integrating solutions with optimised search options. Soon enough, the ability to integrate voice-search in website development solutions will be one of the most demanded skills from a website developer.

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The artificial intelligence techniques reduce time spent by web developers by performing many design tasks. From web design to web development, product suggestions, search engine results, image design, and content development; AI has automated everything. This allows the developers to focus more on other elements that provide personalisation to the site. Further, global industry leaders like Facebook and Google have launched AI toolkits that have made AI adoption in web applications an easy task. Through natural language techniques, web developers can integrate website chatbots and other tools in existing web platforms. By making AI integration into web deployment simpler, these toolkits give significant leverage to web developers in their career.

Improved user interactions

Almost every website that you visit pops up AI-powered chatbots to address any form of user query. For instance, when it comes to the online health industry, site visitors prefer engaging with chatbots as opposed to spending time in long queues at the hospital reception. These chatbots not only provide queries to visitors but can also be fed machine learning algorithms to generate quick diagnosis from the symptoms listed out by the user. By removing all communication barriers, AI makes the browsing experience more comfortable and user-friendly.

The chatbots thus make the communication more natural and are soon expected to be able to gauge and respond to human emotions. Interaction with chatbots will, therefore, be equal to a conversation with a real professional assistant. According to a report by The Future Today, the market share of chatbots alone is expected to be close to $3.5 billion by 2021. Chatbot implementation has thus become extraordinarily popular and is one of the most sought-after skills in modern web app development.

Improved user experience

Adapting AI solutions to web development techniques can help developers design their websites to meet user needs. These AI techniques make use of real-time learning technologies that understand user preferences by evaluating their moods and intentions. Streaming websites like YouTube and Netflix heavily rely on such AI algorithms to make relevant suggestions to their users. They study the time spent by users over particular website sections, how often do they return to these sections, and then make calculated decisions about individual user preferences. Based on these guesses, the AI can actively modify the website per user through:

● Display of personalised ads;

● Tailored audio and video content;

● Price alteration after intervals;

● Making personalised product recommendations.

Prospects of AI in web development

One of the most sought-after technological innovation around the world, AI is expected to impact nearly three-fourths of customer communication in the following years. As businesses look for ways to improve user experience, the website personalisation solutions for individual users will drive more and more enterprises to adopt AI in their website experience.

Be it online retail, healthcare, or hospitality, chatbots are already making a significant contribution in meeting consumer needs; however, more personalised chatbots in the form of virtual assistants are expected. A report by Gartner estimates that AI is set to influence 80% of the online consumer interactions by 2020. By transforming the way in which customers and businesses interact with each other, AI will raise user engagement to an entirely new level.

In a nutshell

The primary intent of integrating AI with web app development is to provide users with a new and enhanced web experience. With the increase in online customer engagement, commercial enterprises are on the look-out for web developers who can integrate AI techniques into their website design. Incorporation of AI tools not only makes website navigation intuitively clear, but it also makes the online experience more personalised. As more businesses switch online and investigate methods for improving customer interaction, artificial intelligence is going to become an indispensable part of modern web development.

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