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The never-ending user journey through ads

Have you ever felt stalked by a product for which you barely showed any interest? Yes, we're all going through it too. Find out exactly why that's happening to everyone.... Read more

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Moodboard: The Designer's Paid Break

The mood board gives you time to clear off your mind, slow the frenetic rhythm down, get updated and enjoy the journey of discovering new art and design works.... Read more

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Good illustration matters

Show emotions and moods through illustration. We're all tired of the same stock photos of laptops on designey wooden tables that no common folk can afford.... Read more

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Everyone is a designer

Design is about collecting references, understanding movements, staying relevant and having the technical knowledge to deliver. That’s where everyone gets confused.... Read more

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Material Design is a political choice

Google's Material Design is a single perspective that's dominating the discourse of what constitutes good design, closing the door on other different aesthetics.... Read more

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Is timeless UI design a thing?

We see trends come and go, fonts that become uncool, buttons that aren't supposed to have round corners... but what if I want my UI design to be timeless?... Read more

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The subjective experience of enjoying art

Art doesn’t need to be a deeply emotional or intellectual experience that immediately sweeps you off your feet. In the end, it depends on your own subjective experience.... Read more

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What is art? (a very brief history of art)

There are tricky questions and then, there's this one question, which usually comes after convoluted discussions that have reached a dead end: "Yeah, but what is art, then?".... Read more

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