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We need to calm our technology down

We want our apps to help us, but we don’t want to be constantly interrupted from our lives to look at notifications and reminders that are so much uncalled for. Calm technology comes with the promise of digital tranquility.... Read more

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Why building a Minimum Viable Product matters

If you just want to show people a product's first version or you want to get an understanding of whether your business idea solves a real problem, creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the way to go.... Read more

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Pong's perfect game design

Pong is a a simple 2D table tennis sports game, one of the first videogames of all time. But what if I told you that Pong achieved design perfection back in 1972?... Read more

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The never-ending user journey through ads

Have you ever felt stalked by a product for which you barely showed any interest? Yes, we're all going through it too. Find out exactly why that's happening to everyone.... Read more

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