September brought me some great news. I was about to start a new marketing job at Imaginary Cloud, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to share experiences with my new colleagues at the office. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the company is promoting remote-first and everyone is working from home. Everyone, without expcetion, is facing challenging times full of unknowns, and this was going to be one more for me since - as I needed to adapt all my working modes to this new remote and self-isolating reality.

And so it was! It started right in the recruitment process - which was done 100% online. It only took a couple of weeks to complete it and I can tell it was conducted in such a human way. Despite the intent of knowing my skills, Sofia (from HR) showed a lot of interest in wanting to know more about me - and that was awesome! In times of being just a number in so many companies, I felt truly valued as being the new team member.

On my first day, I got the chance to visit the office and meet our CEO and Eva - the person in charge of People & Operations. They could have sent the work laptop and welcome kit by mail, but I am glad they didn’t and instead of that, I had the opportunity to spend a day with them (with people! And pizza!) in a face-to-face onboarding that broke distance and went beyond just filling out paperwork. Of course, we took into consideration all the sanitary recommendations regarding COVID-19.

It was a day full of information and at the moment, it may sound a little hard to get it but they had the expertise to make all the topics clear regarding the company, all the processes and business goals for what this position would take. I knew that starting a new job during a pandemic would not be an easy task but being a part of this great adventure will enhance my knowledge and make me grow alongside the team.

It has been two weeks since the starting point and, although we may feel a little out on our own for the initial times in this kind of situation, I have been receiving a lot of support and guidance in getting acclimated. And what about the cultural environment? Well, despite the physical distance among colleagues, I think Imaginary Cloud makes good efforts in showing that we are not faceless bots existing in some parallel universe. We communicate a lot via Slack and we even have specific days to enter a chatroom and just relax, play online games, and have easy talks with each other. Yes, sounds great!

I am feeling more connected to the project as time goes by and one day I hope we can all be together in our journey!

PS: Everyone seems to be a bit addicted to Among Us at the moment. I'm still trying to get my way around it. I'm tired of being kicked off the into emtpy space...

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