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GraphQL vs REST: putting REST to rest

When it comes to building an API, it's all about REST vs GraphQL. Here you'll find exactly what GraphQL is, how it differs from REST and a comparison of both using a couple of practical examples.... Read more

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Why building a Minimum Viable Product matters

If you just want to show people a product's first version or you want to get an understanding of whether your business idea solves a real problem, creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the way to go.... Read more

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The broken window to the developer's soul

I was still studying software engineering when I got in contact with the Broken Window Theory. Apart from being a great experiment, it also changed my attitude towards coding.... Read more

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The don'ts of Software Engineering

Different software engineering processes have different particularities, but there are always a few practices that should be avoided at all cost.... Read more

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JavaScript async patterns quick guide

Patterns and libraries have emerged in the JavaScript ecosystem to handle asynchronous programming. Here I'll provide a quick guide to some of our top picks to deal with async patterns.... Read more

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