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Top 7 Automation Testing Tools (2021)

Automation testing is vital to ensure a software is effective. This article identifies the top automation testing tools and describes their main features.... Read more

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MongoDB vs MySQL: when to use?

While MySQL is relational, MongoDB is non-relational. This article examines the main differences between the databases and provides insightful recommendations on choosing between both.... Read more

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JSON vs. XML: Which one is better?

This article makes a detailed comparison between JSON and XML and discusses which one is better. Find out their main differences and similarities.... Read more

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Backend developer: the one 'behind the scenes'

Backend developers play a crucial role when it comes to a website's success. By handling databases, servers, and applications, they ensure a web application is functional and logical. Find out more!... Read more

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Why use Python for Web Development?

Python is an adaptable, versatile, and highly efficient programming language that offers dynamic typing capabilities. Know the benefits in our blog post.... Read more

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