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What is Code Review and when should you do it?

Code review is the act of reading and evaluating other people's code. The purpose is to find areas of improvement or bugs at an early stage that might otherwise go unnoticed. The process typically happens before merging with the codebase.... Read more

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What is cross-platform app development?

Cross-platform app development is the process of creating software that is compatible with multiple mobile operating systems. Take a look at how it works, which frameworks, languages, and tools you can use, as well as how it benefits businesses.... Read more

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NPM vs Yarn: Which package manager should I use?

NPM vs Yarn are popular package managers among JavaScript and Node.js developers. They make it easier to handle a project's dependencies. Learn how Yarn vs NPM compare to each other and which features make working with one better over the other.... Read more

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Choosing the best tech stack for web development 2022

Choosing an appropriate tech stack for web application development is a crucial first step in your web or app development project's lifetime. It serves as a foundation for adapting the product to your needs and improving its performance.... Read more

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Recoil vs Redux

While Redux is considered the most popular state management library, Recoil is Facebook's experimental React state management framework. Take a look at what Recoil vs Redux are, their performance, and whether it’s a good idea to use one over the other.... Read more

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