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Ruby vs Python for web development

Ruby on Rails or Django: which one to choose? Both can help you succeed in your next project, but one may not branch out of web development. Find out why.... Read more

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GraphQL vs REST: which one is better? (2020)

If you're thinking about building an API, you may wonder if you should use REST or GraphQL. Here you'll find exactly what GraphQL is, how it differs from REST and a comparison of both using a couple of practical examples.... Read more

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Why building a Minimum Viable Product matters

If you just want to show people a product's first version or you want to get an understanding of whether your business idea solves a real problem, creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the way to go.... Read more

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The broken window to the developer's soul

I was still studying software engineering when I got in contact with the Broken Window Theory. Apart from being a great experiment, it also changed my attitude towards coding.... Read more

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