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Next.js vs Gatsby: Which one to choose?

While Next.js is dynamically rendered, Gatsby is statically generated and rendered beforehand. If you want to build a React website or application without having to deal with routing, configuration, or server-side rendering, take a look at the differences between Next.js vs Gatsby.... Read more

Using Next.js with TypeScript

Next js Typescriptt are primarily classified as full-stack frameworks and templating languages and extensions tools, respectively, but let’s take a look at what and how both are applied and how they can work together, including examples of its application.... Read more

OpenShift vs Kubernetes: what are the differences

Container orchestration tools come in many flavors, and OpenShift and Kubernetes are the two most in-demand. Red Hat OpenShift is a commercial software suite used for container orchestration, while Kubernetes has become the synonym for containerization tools.... Read more