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We are fortunate to work alongside amazing people and life-changing dreams

From multi million dollar businesses to small startups, we take pride in the journey that we take with our clients. Here are some of our recent work.

  • Mucho


    Mucho curates the user’s food shopping list for any type of diet and taste through a wide variety of recipes.

  • Mobimax


    Broadwand’s Mobimax is an Android app with state of the art technology that will change the lives of the next five billion people by offering a safe way to browse the web without any fear of spending more on data fees than they ever should.

  • Citiviva

    Citiviva is a web solution for the physical and social issues that come with living in cities. It openly hosts a community of people who care about getting things done in their town.

  • Lectus


    Lectus connects students with expert tutors in almost any subject to ensure they get the help they need, whenever they need it. Whether it's five minutes on a maths problem or an hour to discuss university applications, Lectus has it covered.

  • Tep

    A brand new service website for a company that rents portable WiFi for travelling smartphones, laptops or tablets.

  • Story App

    Story App

    StoryApp is a german app that contains a library of short stories and tales that the users can read on the go, or collect and read later.

  • JingaLife


    JingaLife is an app that connects Patients with their Care Givers, Care Managers and their family and friends. The app is under construction and is meant to be launched in partnership with existing Care Homes that are eager to condense all their rostering work and communications in a single, simple and intuitive app.

Some other work
Here are some dreams that we've helped make real

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The Flash Pack
Full Fabric
Lisboa Camara Municipal
Ernest & Young