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Work Portfolio

We take pride in the journey that we take with our clients.

  • Invisible Homes

    Invisible Homes

    Invisible Homes lets users sell and buy properties off-market, allowing sellers to keep their property value high and have their privacy kept, while providing buyers the access to exclusive offers that match their needs.

  • OvalData


    OvalData is an investor relation SaaS (Software as Service). It empowers investment managers with a process to engage their investors. The tool delivers a web portal for reporting fund performance and other relevant data (info sheets, compliance documents, etc).

  • ChatSpace


    ChatSpace helps clients increase efficiency and automation by applying artificial intelligence in a way that gives them the ability to build & manage chatbots plus continually augment this chatbot experience.

  • JingaLife


    Jingalife is an app that connects patients with their caregivers, care managers, and their family and friends. It's meant to be used across all platforms and in many different contexts, from the care manager's office to the care giver's dynamic and ever-changing working environments.

  • Miami Duck Shooter

    Miami Duck Shooter

    Picture this: ducks, Miami, and a powerful duck-shooting Apple TV remote. Welcome to Miami Duck Shooter, a beautiful and fun duck shooting game that gets people playing for hours.

  • Story App

    Story App

    StoryApp is a german app that contains a library of short stories and tales that the users can read on the go, or collect and read later.

  • Lectus


    Lectus connects students with expert tutors in almost any subject to ensure they get the help they need, whenever they need it. Whether it's five minutes on a maths problem or an hour to discuss university applications, Lectus has it covered.

  • Some Of Our Clients

    Sage Fiscal
    Lisboa Camara Municipal
    Ernest & Young
    BNP Paribas
    Full Fabric